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Nick is available to speak to groups of any age or size on subjects related to his book USED TO GO TO CHURCH.  

As a law enforcement/fire service chaplain, Nick has spoken at many schools to teenagers on the subject of stress, anxiety, depression and suicide: Suicide Is NOT an Option

He is also available to preach at churches or speak at special events.   



Nick is a certified by the QPR Institute as a suicide prevention instructor. This training (QPR-Question, Persuade, Refer) is useful in all settings: Teacher In-Service, Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Churches, Schools, Sports Organizations/Teams, Work Place, etc. 


Critical Incident Stress

Nick has had multiple trainings in the area of Critical Incident Stress Management and is certified by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation. If your shift, station, workgroup, class or any other team needs a way to debrief a traumatic event or tragic loss, contact Nick. This is a high-level trust activity and any kind of effective diffusing or debriefing is based on the ability of one to step in and relate well immediately with personnel.

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